Glass balustrade installation

Glass balustrade installation, bespoke sizes made to measure, supply and fit provided by our professional glazing services in London, Greater London. We supply and fit framed and frameless glass balustrade systems to any balconies, Juliet balconies, terraces, corridors and stairs. The most popular and most common glass balustrade system is a “framed” system, using stainless steel components (posts, glass clamps, hand rails, …etc) as a frame, which system can be installed to any open edges, without any intervention of the building structures. However we can offer “frameless” glass balustrade system installation, supply and fit of course, which system designed for balcony and terrace balustrades mainly. These glass balustrade systems based on the strength of the glass units, made from toughened – laminated glass, with a 21.5 mm or more overall thickness usually. These “frameless” glass balustrade systems are installed into a designed aluminium channel fixed on the floor and reinforced with a handrail on the top, to achieve the maximum strength what possible.

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Framed glass balustrade installation

Framed glass balustrade systems are the most commonly used balustrade systems for corridors, stairs and terraces or balconies. The quick fit, easy installation, and flexible way for any angles and shapes make this type of glass balustrade system really popular. The main part of this solution is the stainless steel frame system (posts and handrails in various sizes) which is completed with a 10 – 13 mm thick glass units. These framed glass balustrade systems provides stable, safe and elegant barrier on any edges. It can be set up easily to any stairs and staircases, no matters the angle, length or other characteristics of the stairs. Our team can install, complete or extend any type of glazed frame system on any commercial or residential properties. We can provide the full system from the planning to the final touches, included all materials and labour

Frameless glass balustrade installation


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