Glazing repairs, glass replacement

glazing repairs, glass replacement

Glazing repairs and glass replacement without scaffolding. The most professional resolution and the best prices are provided by London Glazing Repairs, London. We can manage any glazing related issues, broken or shattered glass replacement, double glazing repairs and replacement, balustrade glass replacement, and any other glazing and glass installation works in London.

Our glazing services

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Balustrade glazing repairs

Balcony balustrade glazing, glazing repairs and glass replacement is our basic glazing service using special access solutions, without the using of scaffolding. We supply and fit (install or replace) any glass balustrade in London, Greater London for the best prices. Balcony balustrade glazing is harness based work generally and belongs to the working at height regulation. Working safely on an open edge balcony is our speciality using special access solutions and IRATA trained operatives. As the access specifies the costs of these projects, our special balustrade glazing services offer the most reasonable solutions with the best prices.

commercial glazing works

Commercial glazing repairs

Commercial glazing services, repairs and glass replacement is always a delicate glazing operation. Our specialist glazier team carries out these glazing projects with the minimum disruption of the actual retail shop, office, hotel or building. We offer out of hour works if necessary and manage these projects with distinguished priority. Glazing shop windows or doors are also covered by our commercial glazing services. As the safe access to some certain glass unit is crucial sometimes, our specialist high level commercial glazing team provides the best solution for these issues.

residential glazing works

Residential glazing repairs

Residential glazing services is one of our basic service, covering any residential (domestic) glazing repair, glazing and glass replacement project on any residential properties, residential blocks and other residential buildings, no matter the size of the project. Our professionals replace any single pane, double glazed or balustrade glass units. We can provide the highest quality services and the best prices, even where the access is difficult to carry out safely any glazing works. Our high level residential glazing services also available in case of any high level glazing projects.

high level glazing

High level glazing repairs

No matter the access and height of your glazing project. Our professional team provides high level glazing repairs and high level glass replacement services by our IRATA trained abseiler glazier team on any residential or commercial block properties in London, Greater London. We can install or replace any double glazed and oversized glass units, managed all parts of these special glazing projects from the new glass unit and lifting operation to the final touches and mastic waterproofing.

double glazed unit replacement

Double glazing repairs, glass replacement

Double glazing repairs, DGU double glazed unit or sealed unit require glazing repairs and glass replacement sometimes. These glass units can be “blown” and misted up by the condensation between the glass panes, which is the most common issue with double glazed glass units. As this issue cannot be repaired on site, it requires replacement glass unit (not window replacement !!!), which can be made to measure based on the accurate measurement taken on the first initial site visit. We can supply and fit any double glazed glass unit for any window or special glazing projects. Our specialist team can to carry out safely these simple and any other complicated glazing projects without the expensive scaffolding, which make our services really competitive.

Special glazing repair projects

Our special glazing services offers the most comprehensive, safe and professional special glazing repair and glass replacement in London, Greater London. We can repair or replace any glass units which requires special approaching, access and lifting operation, no matter the size of the glass unit or the scale of the project.

Atrium glazing

Atrium glazing repairs and installation

Atrium /atria/ glazing, glazing repair and glass replacement are also major part of our glazing services. Our specialist team carries out or facilitates any atrium glazing project in London, Greater London. Glass atrium repairs and installation require professional and experienced team for the perfect execution and final result. We offer the most reliable and comprehensive service for these special glazing projects.

London Glazing Repairs work for numerous building and property management companies / Platinum Associate, L&Q, Kew Bridge West, Highdorn (Park West), Ellis & Co, Collinson Group, …etc / constantly and manage any glazing issues, glazing repairs and glass replacement on their buildings in London.

About our glazing repair services


  • Construction glazing works

  • Scratched glass polishing

  • Balcony balustrade glazing

  • Double glazing works


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