Double glazing repairs, replacement

double glazed unit replacement

Double glazing repairs and replacement is available instantly, as our same day glazing service in London and South-East England. London Glazing Repairs provides this quick (same day) service and the best prices by our mobile glazier teams in 7 days a week. Double glazing repairs and replacement or any other glazing project is undertaken, no matter the scale of the project.

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Double glazing repairs

Double glazing repairs provided by London Glazing Repairs. We can provide a same day service for any double glazing repairs throughout London, Greater London, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, and West Sussex, 7 days a week between 8am and 6pm. Our quick mobile glazing service is available for any glazing issue, no matter the scale of the project, from the most simple single pane to any double glazing repairs in an hour. We need a picture and the rough dimensions of the damaged glass unit for immediate (free) quotation, which can be paid easily through our website (safe and secured card payment by Stripe), with no risk, covered by our free money back guarantee if our engineer could not manage the glazing project or the new glass unit would not be satisfactory.

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Double glazed window repairs

Double glazed window repairs are also available in our services. We can repair any double glazed window, PVCu window, sash window, metal casement window and aluminium window. Our professionals carries out double glazing repairs, window frame repairs, locks, hinges and handle repairs, window alignment and other repairs on any windows and doors.

Double glazing replacement

Double glazing repairs and replacement is a fundamental part of London Glazing Repairs glazing services, no matter the size of the glass unit or its place in/on the building. We can manage any DGU repair / replacement on any doors, windows, inside or out on the ground level or any heights of the building. However our professional glazier team specialise in high level glazing projects, we can provide double glass replacement (DGU replacement) for any demand and any customers. We are happy to offer our professional services for any residential customers, just like any commercial customers, companies, building and property management companies. Some of our regular customers (Platinum Associate, Bridge Academy-Hackney, L&Q, Ellis & Co, …etc) rely on our professional glazing services in case of any glazing issues on their buildings. Double glazing sounds easy and looks easy, but it is a special area, which requires adequate knowledge about the glazing and frame system (PVCu windows or doors, aluminium frame system /Schuco, Sieger/ curtain wall system, Crittall style windows, casement windows, bespoke steel, wooden or aluminium windows and doors, composite doors and windows …etc). Our professionals have more than a decade experience in these glazing systems and their characteristic. We undertake all parts of any double glazing unit replacement or installation projects from the initial survey, when our engineer takes accurate measurement about all dimensions of the required double glazed unit (thickness of the glasses, lamination, air-gap, …etc), manufacturing the new glass unit, managing the delivery and lifting operation if necessary, and install or replace it professionally. Our manufacturers provide safety glass, security glass, laminated glass, fire rated glass (fire safety glass), heat stop and sun reflective glass in any colour and dimensions or frosted glass units for keep your privacy on the highest level. Double or triple glazed units can have a wide range of fire rating (30min – 60min), heat insulation efficiency and noise cancellation characteristic which can be specify the cost of the glass unit. We can manage any double glazed unit (sealed unit) and organise the installation or replacement process.

Misted / blown double glazed unit, double glazing

The most common issue is when the double glazing in a window or a door is getting to be misted or foggy / blown inside, between the two layers of glass, which can destroy the view through the window and the appearance of the room from inside and the building from outside. However the main issue is that these misted (blown) double glazed units loose their heat insulation ability completely, which can highly affect the energy efficiency of the property. Mist (condensation) can appear in the double glazing when the sealing (hot melt sealant usually) on the perimeters of the glass unit detached from the glass surface and let the air and its humidity in. As the general air humidity is getting in a trap inside the blown double glazing, this humidity condenses on the surfaces and became mist / fog, generated by the difference of the rapidly changing temperature between the two glasses. This excess “water” condensation generates bigger and bigger gap between the two glasses and more and more fog and mist on the surfaces. These misted double glazed units must be taken off for any further measures. Repairing these misted / foggy or blown double glazed units in situ, in the frame is not possible, so the replacement of the faulty blown double glazed unit can mean resolution for this awkward situation only. If some glass parts of the double glazed unit is worthy (coloured, fire rated, toughened, …etc), then it can be salvaged and used for the new unit. In this case we can replace the unit temporarily, with temporary materials, using a plywood or transparent polycarbonate sheet but it means some extra cost in the process. We can offer the best prices and the most efficient double glass replacement service in London, provided a like for like, or any bespoke or redesigned double glazed (sealed) unit.

Replacing misty / blown double glazing

Replacing misty / blown (foggy) double glazing is the only way to manage this error of the double glazing. These double glazed units can be situated in windows, doors, glass roofs, atriums, skylights and any heights of the building, which requires additional access solutions for replacement. Misted double glazing replacement from the survey to the professional replacement or installation is our daily routine, whether it is an ordinary glazing job in your flat or a special high level glass replacement project on any high rise building. We can offer the best prices and the most cost effective solutions for any misted or blown double glazing repairs and replacement, providing any access aid and lifting solutions if necessary, manufacturing the new glass unit based on the accurate measurements taken on the initial site visit and managing the replacement in a couple of hours on site.

Replacing shattered or damaged double glazing

Replacing shattered, cracked or damaged double glazing is our daily routine. We are specialise these delicate glass replacement projects. Removing the million shattered parts of the damaged double glazing is a complex undertaking, especially on a high level of the building, but it can be managed safely without any mess around by our professionals. This awful part of the double glazing replacement is inevitable for the safe removal of the complete unit from the frame. We offer shuttered, cracked and damaged double glazed unit replacement for any residential customers just like any building and property managers, building maintenance companies or other glaziers. We provide the best price for the smallest or the biggest replacement double glazed unit, supply and fit in London

double glazing repairs, glass replacement

Securing and working with broken double glazed units safely

Securing broken double glazed units, especially if it jeopardies others in doors, main doors, shop fronts or windows and spandrel panels on high level is essential for the safe approaching. Our professionals can secure any broken, shattered, or cracked glasses whether it is a part of the double glazing or a single pane, floated glass or any other glass structure. Securing the shattered glass is a basic part of any glass replacement where the glass unit is damaged, but this method can help to manage this awkward situation temporarily, and give some time for the further steps.

securing broken double glazing

Double glazed unit (DGU) repairs

Repairing double glazed units in situ, in the frame is not possible or do that in the workshop is not cost effective. The replacement glass unit means the only acceptable and cost effective solution for this issue which can be managed quickly, depending on the leading time of the manufacturing.

Double glazed unit (DGU) replacement

Double glazed unit replacement or any glazing work on site is a complex undertaking. Our professional services covers the initial site visit and survey, when our engineer can collect all information, take accurate measurement about the damaged double glazed unit, specify all details of the new glass unit, manufacturing and delivery, and the replacement of the double glazed unit on site. Double glazed unit replacement is coming up, when the glass is damaged, cracked, shattered or misted. These issues can be caused by the age of the double glazed unit, some mechanical impact, wrong installation manner, constant movement in the frame (wrong fixing) or just a simple material/manufacturing issue, a so called Nickel Sulphide Inclusion (NSI) in the toughened glass part, when the glass shatters to a million small particles (toughened / tempered safety glass) without any mechanical impact or previous sign. We can manage any DGU double glazed unit replacement, no matter that the glass is accessible from inside the building or it requires special external access (rope access / abseiling) solutions.

double glazed unit replacement

Double glazing

Double glazing is the most common glazing solution in our modern world. Its safety, energy efficiency, cost, easy manufacturing and installation process make this type of glazing really popular and widely demanded and accepted. Double glazing is far more complicated than it sound in the first instance. The thickness of the glass layers, types of the glasses in the unit (toughened, laminated, safety, fire rated glass, …etc) sun reflection coatings, thickness of the airgap and the gasses filled in the “airgap” make the double glazed unit and its characteristics really various. Of course, the price of the double glazing is proportional with these characteristics, but eventually the most simple and cheapest double glazed unit has far better energy efficiency than any single floated glass (pane). There are some basic building and safety regulations about the double glazing generally, which can help to keep the minimum standards and safety.

Double glazing energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of any double glazing shows far better values than any traditional single glass (pane). The energy efficiency of the double glazing depends on the thickness of the glasses and the “airgap”, the gas filled in the “airgap”, the coatings (sun reflection or heat stop coatings), the situation and overall size of the glass unit. The most basic information about the energy efficiency rates is available on the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) website and it can give you directions for the best choice and actual regulations. Any external door or windows made and fitted with (at least) double glazing, these are the double glazed windows and doors. It can be just better the triple glazing and triple glazed windows and doors (see below).

Triple glazing

The most basic difference between double glazing and triple glazing is the main characteristics of these glass units, such as energy efficiency and noise cancellation. Triple glazing has far better energy efficiency rate and noise cancellation characteristics on the basic level than any other double glazing. Triple glazing has two “airgaps” whilst double glazing has one “airgap”, which means 50% – 80% better energy efficiency. As the tree layer glass, their various thickness and types of the glasses in one unit can break the waves of the sound, reduce the vibration and change the resonance between the layers, triple glazing has a really good noise cancellation characteristic. Triple glazing is the next stage in the fenestration industry. Despite these good characteristics of triple glazing, its price pushes this solution to the background in general usage.

Triple glazing energy efficiency

The energy efficiency rate of any triple glazing far exceeds of any single floated glass, double glazing or other structural glazing. Triple glazing is used for luxury apartments and buildings, passive houses, and highly rated green houses, where the cost of this solution is calculable as value and/or a long term investment to achieve the highest rate of energy efficiency. Triple glazing means tree layer of glass and two airgaps, which cannot be beaten in energy efficiency, especially if it’s been coated with a special heat stop solution.

Double glazing replacement on atrium glazing and conservatories

Our specialist team undertakes any atrium glass replacement and conservatory glazing works. Double glazing is widely used for atrium glazing and conservatories.

Double glazing vs secondary glazing

Double glazing is a far more efficient, cost effective and comfortable solution like any secondary glazing to safe energy, prevent the internal areas of the flat form the cold and condensation on the windows and glass surfaces, which affects negatively the comfort and human health. Sometimes, when the window or glass replacement (swap to double glazing) is not possible (heritage buildings, budget, …etc) then London Glazing Repairs provides the best prices and most professional service to install or repair secondary glazing.

Nickel Sulphide Inclusion

Nickel Sulphide Inclusion is the most common issue when the external layer (usually) of a double glazed unit made from a toughened glass. The tempering process of the tempered / toughened glass can concentrate some elements (iron) and chemicals ( Nickel Sulphide) in some certain spots in the glass pane, which makes the toughened glass really vulnerable against quick heat expansion or shrinking, when the glass is shattering without any previous sign or mechanical impact. Replacing these shattered glass units, especially on the high level of the building requires special skills, equipment and a professional team. We can provide “low iron glass” and “heat soak tested (HST)” glass in these cases, but it can slightly increase the leading time and the final cost of the project.

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