Balustrade glazing

High level balcony balustrade glazing repairs, glass balustrade repairs and glass replacements can be a challenging glazing projects, even if the balcony on a high level of the building. These types of high level glazing projects require scaffolding usually for the safe access and safe working method. London Glazing Repairs Services provides professional glazing services, using special access solutions without the using of scaffolding. Our high level balcony glazing repair services have saved a lot of time and money for our customers already. We have completed countless glazing, glazing repair and glass replacement projects by our professional abseiler team, using professional rope access techniques. London Glazing Repairs is a professional glazing division of Repair Abseiling Limited and its glazing services.

High level balcony glass units

Balcony balustrade glass units must be toughened and (usually) laminated glass units to satisfy the basic but most important glass safety requirements, even if these glasses can jeopardise people around or below. The weigh of these glass units is proportionally rising with the strength, the strength with the thickness and the thickness with the number of layers. Replace these damaged heavy weight glass units and carry out these types of balustrade glazing repair projects safely, can be over the limit for any ordinary glazing company. London Glazing Repairs Services prepared, certified and accredited to carry out these types of complicated works at height. Working with these heavy weight damaged balustrade glass units and moving them safely is our daily routine.

High level balustrade glass replacement

London Glazing Repairs professional glazier team completes any high level balcony and other balustrade glass replacement and repair in London, Greater London. Our reputation built on many residential and commercial glazing repair and construction glass installation projects. Installing a new system, or replace a damaged balustrade glass unit safely, efficiently for the most reasonable prices is our speciality. We can approach safely to these glass balustrade units on any open edge balcony, which requires specially trained professional glazing and installation team and working method. Our team installs and repairs various glass balustrades on a daily basis. We can manage, move, install or replace any toughened and toughened-laminated glass balustrades between 10mm (single pane) to 32 mm (triple layer toughened-laminated) thickness. The standard size 21.5 mm frameless toughened-laminated and 10 mm (single pane) framed balustrade glass systems are the most common size and system in our practice, but our team have installed some 32 mm triple layer systems also already.

on the OTTO Building in Hackney, 90 mm thick frameless balustrade glass units at the penthouse flats of The South Bank Tower – Southwark, Replaced damaged 21.5 mm thick double layer balustrade glasses at Platinum Riverside – Greenwich Peninsula, Booth Court – Lewisham and Pinnacle House – Enfield …etc.

Juliet balcony glass repair, replacement

Juliet balcony glasses are the most tricky glass units of any building. sometimes, some of them can be accessible from inside, but usually these glass units cannot be cleaned and maintained properly. In case of any damage of these units means a huge headache for the maintenance team, no matter if the maintenance plan covers these units or not. One of our most complicated high level Juliet balcony glass replacement project have been carried out at Pinnacle House – Enfield. These pair Juliet balcony glasses has been fixed together into the frame, without any acceptable access from inside. Take the frame system apart required a special temporary fixing and many other precaution for the replacement. Despite of these complications our team replaced 2 – 3 glass units in one day, on scattered spots on the building elevation, what was remarkable achievement. Our safe, quick and really efficient working method to install, repair or replace high level Juliet balcony glass units makes possible for London Glazing Repairs to provide the most reasonable price for these delicate projects.

Balcony balustrade glass issues

NSi (Nickel Sulphide inclusion) is the most common issue in case of the damaged balcony balustrade glass units. This factory error occur mainly when the glass unit tempered and made “toughened safety glass”. In this cases the glass unit shatters without any particular external impact, but sometimes heat and heat expansion, generated by the sunshine can be observed. Another reason can be a wrong installation manner by the builders, when the holding structure and/or its moving can produce this awkward and dangerous glazing issue. Sometimes these glasses can be damaged by people (external physical impacts), but as these types of glasses are really tough and they can resist a huge external impacts, these unexpected random issues can be really surprising. However, all together this issue usually is a manufacturing error, what is inevitable in the manufacturing process. As the price of the “clear glass” incomparably lower than the “low iron glass” (what is much more reliable for this purpose) the choice of the construction industry is understandable immediately.

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